Trio Opal Block Necklace
Trio Opal Block Necklace
Trio Opal Block Necklace

Trio Opal Block Necklace

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"Opal TRIO Block Necklace ©" is a unique solid sterling silver and Nevada turquoise necklace.

Sterling silver vintage block designs with a sterling silver bezel and Nevada mined turquoise.
All handmade and mined in Nevada, USA.

These sterling silver pendants are inspired by my Las Vegas neighborhoods. The beautiful breezeways and carports in my neighborhood, decorated with such charming symmetrical designs.

One can relate, since most cities; Palm Springs, Honolulu, Las Vegas have these mid-century cement block details.

These designs are © and are made by myself, Mary Beth Heishman. These were designed, made into a wax like substance and then a plaster mold was made. After the plaster mold was created around wax, molten sterling silver was poured into the wax/design cavity. This is sterling silver casted. 

I hand make the silver bezel to hold the Australian Opal gem.  

A sterling silver chain (18") hold the composition.
18" is pictured.
Cinder block is 7/16" by 1 7/16" in size.

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