About Me

Each I Adorn U piece has a personal narrative. I am influenced by my environment: a desert landscape, highlighted by the twinkle of the Las Vegas skyline.

I am also inspired by my Peruvian heritage and how my ancestors used gold. My interest in design came at an early age, as I remember admiring the detail and skill in the metal works of the Incas that I saw in books and later in the museums in Peru. The silver and gold artifacts are beautiful and I too wanted to work in the same media.  It is no wonder the Inca's used cool colors of silver to mimic the moon and gold as the warmth of the sun.

Each piece is handmade by Mary Beth Heishman.  
Mary Beth is an Art Teacher and Silversmith that resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
MB has a masters degree in Art Education and was trained as a Jeweler at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.
*All silver & gold used are refined from recycled metals.
Stones are fair traded/ethically mined and many stones are from the USA.  The environment and ethics are of most importance.   
I Adorn U ®, Established 2005
Finding Garnets in Ely, Nevada. 
Adding to my skill set, taking classes from the famous jeweler and  tool maker Kate Wolf.
Finding a patch of Garnet Sand in Portland, Maine.